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A new age
of partnership

As McAfee Enterprise embarks on this new journey as a stand-alone enterprise cybersecurity business, we will continue to innovate to best serve our partners around the world. And together with our partners we can meet the evolving security needs of modern businesses.
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Working together for a secure future

Joining with McAfee Enterprise helps you deliver optimized security solutions to more customers around the world. Our unique offerings allow you to protect your customers and earn more on every deal. Learn more about what our partners offer:

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Cloud Solution Providers

McAfee Enterprise partners with the leading public cloud solution providers to provide security, visibility, and control over data and threats across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

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Global Strategic Alliances

McAfee Enterprise collaborates with global technology and services companies to provide customers with integrated solutions that leverage our industry-leading open security ecosystem.

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OEM and Embedded Alliances

Build security directly into your products. Our OEM and Embedded Alliances partners are device manufacturers offering products with embedded security.

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Security Innovation Alliance

The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance is an ecosystem of technology partners providing advanced security solutions that integrate with and extend the core functionality of McAfee Enterprise products.

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Service Providers

Our service provider specialized partners provide value-added offerings to their managed end users as part of a partner-branded service.

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Solution Providers

Our solution providers include resellers and distributors. We help you build a differentiated, profitable security practice using a flexible framework based on customer buying preferences and partner business models.


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Whether you are interested in joining McAfee Enterprise as a partner or need to be connected to an existing partner, we can help.